Film stretch

The film stretch according to Novatex

Film stretch

Complete range

To obtain quality silage, a perfect combination of all the components of the process is needed. The correct baling procedure and the use of suitable nets for the best compression of the bale are essential premises for enhancing the quality of the stretch film.

01. Strength

Novatex only offers films of superior quality, able to offer the best guarantees of resistance to puncturing and UV rays.

02. Protection

Novatex solutions for silage allow the creation of the best conditions for the preservation of fresh forage.

03. Yield

Novatex offers 25 and 22 ยต films, capable of guaranteeing the best yield in relation to the conditions of use.

Key factors

Choosing Novatex means relying on one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers in the crop baling sector. Baling with Novatex means sharing a successful experience with thousands of operators all over the world.

Designed for the most difficult conditions - Specifically designed and produced for harshest conditions, with 12 month guarantee against UV.

Maximum resistance - Multi Layer Co-Extruded Film with extra high tack levels for superior performance. Manufactured from a special blend of resins to maximise resistance to puncturing.

Excellent tack performances - Improved film tack properties provide excellent bonding of the film layers making better anaerobic conditions. Stretch films are specifically designed for all high speed wrapping machines and increasing bale weights.

Oxygen barrier - Provide superior oxygen barrier properties supporting the fermentation process.

The importance of a correct application

Reduced production tolerances lead to a perfect uniformity of the film, thus preventing the formation of weaker areas, where the film could break. This is particularly important when thinner films are used.

The quality of the silage depends significantly on the tightness of the bale. The number of film layers per bale is crucial for high sealing. Silage bales show excellent results when wrapped with 6 layers of film.