The use of silage forage is preferred mainly in some geographical areas and in specific seasons when perfect drying of the fodder can be difficult. Fodder is harvested when still wet, its moister content is between 40% and 55%. Storage and conservation are ensured by an acidification process, which is obtained by aerobic fermentation. In addition to the perfect and timely wrapping, an essential prerequisite for the silage successful process is that the density of the bales should be high enough to hinder the infiltration of air within the bale mass during storage. Since this could affect its stability. The nets used for this process need to offer a good structure and strength, in order to keep bales of outstanding weight well tightly packed and offer, above all, complete and homogeneous coverage of the bale surface. These specific features allow the perfect wrapping of the film and avoid air chambers.

It is advisable to perform the fodder’s cut high enough (not less than 6-7 cm.) in order to prevent soil lumps detachment, which could affect the forage. The swathing operation as well should not collect soil in order to prepare a proper swath, suitable for the width of the collector (pick-up) of the baler, regularly shaped and high enough to match the entire length, which are both prerequisites for having well-balanced bales between right and left side. Proper feeding of the baler determines a good squaring of the bale and, consequently, a more uniform and precise wrapping. Check the correct tension of the net, especially on exit from the rollers. It needs to widen properly, in order to ensure the perfect coverage of the bale. A bale, which is not sufficiently thick or not perfectly formed and bound, will produce poor quality silage, with a risk of moulding. As usual, please facilitate the loading of the compression chamber through the alternating gait right-left side of the tractor with reversal every 20 meters.

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