Twine range

The twine according to Novatex

Big Baler Twines

A new approach

Novatex introduces the concept of “yield” of the twine.
It does so by combining two identifying elements, the only values that the operator really needs to plan his baling work:

• the length of the roll
• the strength of the twine

It changes the rules of binding with HD balers

The new entry for 2023: the new EnergX® technology capable of enhancing the work of the baler, guaranteeing exceptional yield and great ease of work. You set the job, Rekord Twines with EnergX Tech take care of the rest!

LSB: 5 colors for 5 categories

Novatex twines are available in 5 colours: purple, pink, blue, green and rust. Each colour represents the category to which the twine belongs: from the most performing, suitable for really extreme baling conditions, gradually towards the less demanding ones.

Each colour makes it possible to identify the twine to be used according to the conditions:

• the type of crop (forage or straw)
• the baler model used
• the environmental conditions


No more broken bales, no more problems with the knotters.
Even at maximum operating pressures, Rekord with EnergX never fails.


Tests in the field say that Rekord with EnergX never breaks. This results in long uninterrupted baling sessions.


Compared to the same twine category, Rekord with EnergX provides longer spools, up to 40% more yield.

Agri Twine

Medium Twine

Quality and innovation

With the 400+ and 750+ range, Novatex optimises the offer by improving the quality of the twines offered.