Supernova Stack Cover

Product description

Supernova Stack Cover offers a complete solution for outdoor crop protection, addressing the most critical challenges farmers and breeders face. With its advanced features, this breathable cover is designed to ensure the safety and durability of the stacked bales, protecting them from atmospheric events and preserving their value.

Here are some of the main advantages of the Supernova Stack Cover:

  • High breathability: The cover is highly breathable, allowing the crop to breathe and reducing the risk of mould and bale damage.
  • Ultraviolet ray barrier: Protects the crop from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause damage to the bales and product quality.
  • Rain and snow protection: Provides safe protection against rain and snow, preventing water and moisture from reaching the surface of the bales and damaging the crop.
  • Wind-resistant and tear-proof: Supernova Stack Cover is designed to withstand strong gusts of wind and be tear-proof, providing reliable protection even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Sustainability: It is a sustainable choice as it is recyclable, durable and can be reused several times, thus reducing environmental impact and offering an environmentally friendly option for crop protection.
  • 140 g/m2

Based on the number of bales to be covered, you will find the most suitable size for the dimensions of your bale stack.

Width (m) Length (m) No. of Covered bales Rolls per pallet
9,80 12,50 up to 60 12
9,80 25,00 up to 120 8
12,20 25,00 up to 200 8
15,60 25,00 up toa 300 8

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Product variations
Supernova Stack Cover can also be supplied in the following sizes on request, subject to availability:


Width (m) Length (m) Rolls per pallet
10,40 12,50 18
10,40 25,00 8
12,00 25,00 8
13,00 25,00 8
15,60 12,50 10
15,80 10,40 10
Prevents moisture from the ground from condensing on the underside of the cover, avoiding damaging moulds on forage.
Supernova Stack Cover is extremely robust, wind-proof and durable.
Makes the greatest part of water and snow slide on the surface
UV rays protection
Supernova Stack Cover is a strong barrier against UV rays. It prevents damages and losses. The UV treatment also protects the cover for years.
Thanks to its robust structure and UV treatment, Supernova Stack Cover is durable and reausable multiple times.
Application tips



  1. Arrange the stack with the longitudinal axis in a south-north direction








2. Create a raised platform using pallets




3. Keep distance from trees and buildings

4. Avoid a flat surface on the top of the stack

5. Create a roof with a slope of at least 45 degrees

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A net wrap just for you!

Novatex offers the possibility of designing a customized net wrap: all Novatex quality,
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