R3NYou Program

Sustainability according to Novatex

Sustainable challenge

A real commitment

Get the brown label and go green.

Novatex has always had special attention to develop programs aiming at plastic use reduction. Launching R3NYou net wrap and R3NYou twine with recycled content, we want to start a new program for the creation of more sustainable products, capable of offering high performance and reliability respecting the environment.


Reduction of plastic in production. In addition, less plastic per roll on net wraps, fewer grams per meter.


Reuse of secondary plastic materials (net wrap) and PCR (twine): less new plastic & better quality standards.


Set in motion a virtuous circle without loss of performance for net wraps: high resistance, lower environmental impact.

Lower impacts, highest performance

The adoption of advanced sustainable solutions will not impact the long-established agreement with customers who trust Novatex products to protect their own crops.

Therefore this urgent challenge of reducing, reusing and recycling plastic materials has been faced through multi-directional strategies: technological enhancement to lower the use of plastic, adoption of high-quality and unfaltering secondary raw materials, striving for maximum product performance.

The ambition to change the rules

When we accept a challenge, we go all the way.

No detail has been ignored to guarantee the highest per- formance in the field also for recycled content net wraps. An all-round re- search allowed Novatex to develop innovative products which are more respectful of the man-environment relationship, but still able to offer re- markable results in terms of efficiency, protection and reliability. According to the best Novatex’ traditions.

Net Wrap


Thanks to the introduction of RNY technology, Novatex has been the first manufacturer to launch a balenet with recycled components.
A further challenge towards renewal.

-30kg CO2 per roll

RNY Tech prevents a large amount of CO2 from being released into the environment.

-6K tons per year

The reduction of CO2 made in one year by Novatex has the same impact of a forest the size of 1000 football fields.

-12% roll weight

A great effort was done also to reduce the plastic amount per roll with a positive impact on transportation.

Big Baler Twine


Also in the twine sector, Novatex promotes the use of products with recycled components.

-10kg CO2 per spool

Also for the twine, RNY Tech prevents a large amount of CO2 from being released into the environment.

PCR material

R3NYou Twine adopts up to 30% of high-quality post-consumer recycled components.

Collecting programs

In many Countries, Novatex promotes programs for collecting used twine.