Fresh Film

The ultimate solution for palletising

Fresh Film

A world of benefits

The perfect synthesis between safe packaging and air circulation!

Thanks to its unique technology, Fresh Film is the only solution that offers: superior mechanical strength, giving perfect stability even with heavy pallets, reduced number of wraps, and increased air circulation.

01. Ventilation

Thanks to its XXL openings, Fresh Film by Novatex helps complete air circulation for perfect ventilation of palletised goods.

02. Stability

The high toughness, perfect grip and unrivalled strength of Fresh Film create compact and secure pallets. No more unnecessary wrapping or additional strapping.

03. Transparency

Perfect transparency, maxi openings, make wrapping with Fresh Film perfectly see-through, enhancing the aesthetics of the pallet and product communication.

Reduces the use of plastic!

Fresh Film also wins the comparison with perforated films currently on the market, reducing the amount of plastic, depending on the case, from a minimum of 25 up to even 60 percent.

See Fresh film in action!

Fresh Film demonstrates all its qualities, even on heavy pallets.

The solution to every product!

Fresh Film proves successful in an infinite range of applications, outperforming any other palletising solution in efficiency, yield and environmental impact.

Refrigerated goods or goods requiring rapid freezing

Foods such as coffee, drinks and canned food

Fresh food or food requiring smoking

Seeds, feed, flakes

Chemicals, construction products and firewood

Commitment to environmental sustainability

Fresh Film 250, in particular, allows a significant reduction in the amount of plastic used, a reduction in CO2 emissions into the environment, and a significant reduction in material to be recycled.