Hay is one of the main sources of fibre and dry matter supply for dairy cows- The quality of the hay positively affects the yield and quality of the milk. The choice of the right cutting period is essential, specifically when the seeds are not fully formed yet and the plant is in full vigour. The cutting should not be made too close to the ground to avoid contamination with the soil and also to reduce the level of lignin. It is not particularly difficult to treat hay, but it is crucial that the net could perform complete coverage from edge to edge, in order to prevent uncovered portions of bales.  From the technological point of view, net wraps are designed with peculiar containing properties, in order to preserve the compression of the bale for long periods.

The right bale density allows greater resistance to water penetration from outside, a reduction of losses during handling and storage, easier handling and better storage efficiency.


Perform the cutting possibly with a window of good weather in order to ensure good drying. Once the optimum moisture level has been reached, turn the hay over at least twice and collect the material in fairly large swaths, around one metre large for the 123-125 cm round balers. In order to facilitate the smooth loading of the compression chamber, it is good practice to proceed with the tractor at a left-right gait, keeping first the swath off-center on the right. After about 20 meters it is advisable to move in order to decentralize it on the left.

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