Strength in net wraps

A complete indicator to understand the real value of a product

A scientific basis

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Understanding resistance through a double value

The technical positioning of Novatex nets is expressed through a double value: the specific strength, which certifies the intrinsic capacity of the yarn to withstand stress, and the colour segmentation relative to absolute strength. These values provide an immediate understanding of each product’s characteristics and make it easier to compare their performance and choose the most suitable net.

Specific Strength

This measure indicates the property of the yarn to withstand stress.

It is expressed in a numerical value indicating the breaking strength in relation to the diameter of the yarn: the higher the numerical value, the higher the specific strength.

Absolute Strength

It indicates what strength performance can be expected from a product.

Absolute strength is displayed on a colour scale with six values: from yellow to purple. This scale shows at a glance the ability of a given net wrap to withstand traction.

Discover the most suitable combination

Each balenet is created on purpose


Thanks to technological innovation, Novatex is able to produce nets with much higher specific strength than standard nets. This improvement has allowed, for the same performance, a progressive reduction in the amount of plastic material used, resulting in a lower environmental impact.


Get familiar with the colour references of the absolute strength scale created by Novatex. From yellow, the ideal indicator for silage, to purple for the most renowned Novatex brands, designed to guarantee maximum protection over time and in all baling conditions.


Lightweight and covering net wraps. They provide a homogeneous surface, particularly suitable for stretch wrapping for silage.


Net wraps with good tenacity, suitable for silage as well as for wrapping easier crops such as spring hay.


Universal net wraps, suitable for the most common harvesting conditions but also able to face challenging situations brilliantly.


Very advanced and flexible net wraps. They are successfully used at all latitudes and in all harvesting conditions, even the most difficult ones. They protect the bale over time.


Very robust net wraps, suitable for hard crops under the most severe harvesting conditions. Unaffected by high temperatures, they protect the bale even after repeated handling.


Nets with extraordinary strength properties. Suitable for forage protection under the most difficult conditions and with high performance balers.