Rekord Film

Product description
The 5 layers Rekord film offers a practical solution for all the silage needs in the field. With excellent adhesive strength and high resistance to perforation, Rekord guarantees perfect preservation of ensiled forage, promoting correct fermentation and preservation of the nutritional properties of the forage.

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Product variations


Film Width (mm) 500 mm 750 mm
Polymer 100% UV stabilized LD polyethylene
Roll Length (m) 1800 m 1500 m
Roll Diameter (mm) 260 240
Thickness 25 micron 25 micron
Color Green Green
Warranty 12 months 12 months
Rolls per pallet 48 20
Designed for the most difficult conditions
Specifically designed and produced for the harshest conditions, with 12 month guarantee against UV.
Maximum resistance
Multi-Layer Co-Extruded Film with extra high tack levels for superior performance. Manufactured from a special blend of resins to maximise resistance to puncturing.
Excellent tack performances
Improved film tack properties provide excellent bonding of the film layers making better anaerobic conditions. Stretch films are specifically designed for all high-speed wrapping machines and increasing bale weights.
Oxygen barrier
Provide superior oxygen barrier properties supporting the fermentation process.
Application tips

A cover to be protected.

Be careful when handling wrapped bales and protect the wrapping from punctures or tears. If bales are stacked outdoors it is a wise practice to protect them with anti-bird nets.



Accurate Recycling


These instructions, on each type of materials used, are provided to allow proper waste management at the end of the product’s lifetime, their recovery or possible disposal.


Packaging disposal:

  • Cardboard box – Paper (PAP20)


After use, it is possible to recycle the core as well. There are two types:

  • Carboard core – Paper (PAP20)
  • Plastic core – Plastic (PVC3)

Once the film has been removed from the bale, it is possible to recycle it as well – Plastic (LDPE4).

Before handling disposal, it is advisable to separate the film from the net wrap, since the latter is made of a different material. Shake vigorously the film, in order to remove fodder and soil residues as much as possible. This simple procedure will facilitate all the following operations connected to waste handling. Regarding correct waste disposal methods, please refer to the specific municipal guidelines.

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