Rekord with EnergX

Productivity and knot quality never seen before on HD balers! New technology, new performances. Rekord with EnergX® Tech is a change of pace for HD Big Baler twines. The flexible binding system obtained through EnergX® Tech, indeed, is able to dissipate the energy of the strongest impacts, keep- ing the bale always close-packed. For superior protection! In EnergX the highest performances finally coexist with a reduced diameter of the twine. This allows obtaining spools with a length never reached before by HD baler twine. For unmatched productivity! The optimal diameter and the dynamic EnergX Technology favour the knotter’s performances ensuring:
  • a superior shock absorption capacity
  • unrivaled protection of the knot from breakages and slippages.

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Rekord HD Prime with EnergX Tech - 1500 m


With a spool of smaller dimensions, it offers 1500 meters of twine for a yield above the standard.

Spool Length - 1.500 m
Knot Protection Energy - 82J
Max. Spool Diameter - 300 mm
Max. Spool Height - 370 mm
Spools per Pallet - 80

Rekord HD Prime with EnergX Tech - 1800 m


Maxi spool for top yield!

Spool Length - 1.800 m
Knot Protection Energy - 82J
Max. Spool Diameter - 320 mm
Max. Spool Height - 385 mm
Spools per Pallet - 36

Rekord Ultimate with EnergX Tech - 1.320 m

Rekord Ultimate is available with the following features:

Spool Length - 1.320 m
Knot Protection Energy - 93J
Max. Spool Diameter - 300 mm
Max. Spool Height - 350 mm
Spools per Pallet - 48

Rekord UHD with EnergX - 1.080 m

Designed for horizontal balers, Rekord UHD is available with the following features:

Spool Length - 1.080 m
Knot Protection Energy - 110J
Max. Spool Diameter - 305 mm
Max. Spool Height - 365 mm
Spools per Pallet - 36

HD balers twines by Novatex are treated with a special fibrillation technique which gives particular softness and knot holding.
Length is not just a detail
Novatex ensures for its Rekord HD Prime twine, with EnergX Tech, reliable and consistent performance and a longer spool length, which is clearly stated in the label
Perfect shaped spools
Novatex twine packs are checked to ensure correct shape, measurements to fit easily into the baler box and a perfectly round core.
Hold of the knot
Novatex twines for HD balers ensure flawless results with every kind of knotter.
UV protected
All Novatex HD baler twines are tested for years in the harshest conditions all over the world, in order to guarantee perfect functionality and a longer product life span.

Up to the last meter

 Please keep safe twine rolls from rain.
Do not remove the external plastic cover up to the last meter of the twine spool.
Start unwinding the spool from its internal end.


Accurate Recycling

 These instructions, on each type of materials used, are provided to allow proper waste management at the end of the product’s lifetime, their recovery or possible disposal.

  • External plastic cover – Plastic (LDPE4)
  • Paper belts – Paper (PAP22)


Once the twine has been removed from the bale, it is possible to recycle it as well – Plastic (HDPE2).

Before handling disposal, it is advisable to shake vigorously the twine, in order to remove fodder residues as much as possible. This simple procedure will facilitate all the following operations connected to waste handling. Regarding correct waste disposal methods, please refer to the specific municipal guidelines.

Additional information


A net wrap just for you!

Novatex offers the possibility of designing a customized net wrap: all Novatex quality,
combining different models and colours. A strong message for your business!


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