Our Technology


Novatex is the only company in the world that develops its production technology in-house.
The looms used are 100% made by Novatex giving it an unmatched competitive advantage


Agri Novatex believes in innovation as a key of growth, to improve productivity and environmental protection. Novatex has always invested in the research for new technological solutions and thousands of farmers and agricultural operators all over the world do recognize the great advantages introduced for the first time by the Novatex Group. Innovative products to meet the increasing user’s requirements: reliability, efficiency, user friendly systems.


Exclusive technology is the result of advanced industrial research and patents.
The role of research is of vital importance in the advancement of haymaking products. In the last 10 years, the introduction of new polymers and new production technologies have allowed a considerable increase in performance and, at the same time, a significant decrease in the use of plastic materials. All the products distributed by Agri Novatex are at the forefront for quality, efficiency and respect for the environment.


During the harvesting operations in the field, increasingly sophisticated solutions are adopted for the conservation of forage. The efficiency of these systems is strictly dependent on the quality of the harvesting products used but also on the ability of machines and operators to exploit their potential. The Novatex Group collaborates internationally with the major harvesting machinery companies, with important research institutes and with producers of raw materials to ensure increasingly advanced solutions.


Our goal is to use these advanced technologies to improve products and consequently the cattle’s biological feeding as much as possible to help the farmers and capitalize animal welfare. Happier cattle, better production!

Technical / Commercial FAQs

Who is Agri Novatex UK?

Agri Novatex is the British business unit of Novatex, one of the main player in crop baling sector. Creating Agri Novatex, the company increases its commitment in the UK market.

Yes! Novatex is the only manufacturer who developed its own technology. It means that its products come from a unique process: from extrusion to knitting.

Because Novatex net wraps are well known and appreciated in the UK as they have been already distributed in the Country for years.

The technical support team of Agri Novatex is organized to assure professional assistance in time: online, by phone and in person whenever it’s needed.

Agri Novatex assures ample availability of products during the season but preseason purchases give you the opportunity of reduced price and make you sure to avoid global emergency problems.

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