Product description
Triomphe® is the natural evolution of the Maglia Larga brand: always extremely strong and all-covering, with wide tricolour stripes for maximum visibility and with an end-of- roll warning. Such technical features have secured a well-established success all over the world. Triomphe improves the efficiency and safety of harvesting operations, especially with high-density bales and during particularly demanding work sessions. Triomphe’s exclusive technology prevents stretch marks and its properties guarantee perfect bales, able to protect for long time even after stressful and repeated handlings.
It indicates what strength performance can be expected from a product


This measure indicates the property of the yarn to withstand stress


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Absolute Strength "Ultimate"Specific Strength "27"
Product variations
TRIOMPHE 3 600 m

The 3.600 m Triomphe version allows extended baling sessions, reducing roll changes.

Length - 3.600 m
Width - 123 cm | 125 cm
Max. Roll Diameter - cm 27,5

TRIOMPHE 3 000 m

The 3.000 m Triomphe version allows extended baling sessions, reducing roll changes.

Length - 3.000 m
Width - 123 cm| 125 cm | 130 cm
Max. Roll Diameter - cm 25,5

TRIOMPHE 2 600 m

Triomphe also offers a 2.600 m roll: an excellent balance between efficiency and manageability.

Length - 2.600 m
Width - 123 cm| 130 cm
Max. Roll Diameter - cm 24

TRIOMPHE 2 100 m

Smaller size roll for easier handling.

Length - 2.100 m
Width - 123 cm
Max. Roll Diameter - cm 22

Large sized mesh
Thanks to the flexibility of Novatex looms, ML is a solution that envisages a reduced number of chains, each of which is reinforced by double the number of threads.
Stronger chains
ML chains are made with double thicker threads: this is the secret of the strongest net wrap in the market!
Better cling on the crops
The weft has a larger angle than conventional net wraps. For this reason, ML hooks up incredibly faster.
Mesh with fewer knots
Knots are the critical points of any thread. Novatex ML net- wraps have half the number of knots with respect to standard net wraps.
Flexible geometry
The reduced number of tension points (knots) aids the natural movement of the weft, leaving it free to stretch in width.
Application tips

Keep a keen eye on the baler

In order to get the maximum performance from your Novatex net wrap, please remember to check periodically the proper conditions of the baler.

  • Remove any fodder residues and old mesh wires from belts and rollers.
  • Check that the rubber rollers are in good condition; any grooves created by the net during use can compromise the quality of the wrapping.
  • Check the perfect alignment of the rollers, if they result unaligned, the force exerted might be uneven and affect the regular covering of the surface of the bale.
  • Check the state of the brake, in case of wear and tear, please proceed to the replacement of the brake pad.
  • Check the cutting mechanism. It needs to be sharp and in perfect condition.

For the periodic overhaul of your baler, please contact the assistance service. Other functional instructions can be found on the back label of the Novatex net wrap roll.

Accurate Recycling

All types of materials used for the package are reported on the back of the label to allow proper waste management at the end of the product’s lifetime, their recovery or possible disposal.

  • Handles and strapping bands – Plastic (PP5)
  • External plastic cover – Plastic (LDPE4)
  • Labels – Paper (PAP22)

The internal cardboard support can be recycled at the end of the roll’s usage – Paper (PAP21)

Once the net wrap has been removed from the bales, it is possible to recycle it as well – Plastic (HDPE2).

Before handling disposal, it is advisable to shake vigorously the net wrap, in order to remove fodder residues as much as possible. This simple procedure will facilitate all the following operations connected to waste handling. Regarding correct waste disposal methods, please refer to the specific municipal guidelines.

Product details

Additional information


2 100 m, 2 600 m, 3 000 m, 3 600 m


123 cm

Max. Roll Diameter

22 cm, 24 cm, 25,5 cm, 27,5 cm


A net wrap just for you!

Novatex offers the possibility of designing a customized net wrap: all Novatex quality,
combining different models and colours. A strong message for your business!


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